About Us

We M/s Metalkraft Engineering Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2013 are based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. We started initially by undertaking various fabrication and engineering projects in various fields. Later we diversified into manufacturing of various waste management equipments and machineries.
We are manufacturers of various waste collection and processing equipments like garbage chutes, debris chutes, linen chutes, automatic waste composter, semi- automatic compost machine etc.

Waste Management Problem

Improper management of waste has led to various hazards in our society. Firstly, waste collection is a huge problem in this ever-growing population. There are no methods for proper treatment or disposal of various types of wastes in our society. Waste is dumped in huge landfills outside the cities or even in vacant areas inside the city.
This improper waste management causes huge soil population, water pollution and air pollution. Eventually, resulting in various types of disease and pandemics.

Our Mission

Metalkraft has undertaken a mission to create mechanised solutions for the above problems.Firstly, for collection of waste from high rise apartments and societies we have developed garbage chute systems. This enables single point collection of garbage in all buildings. Waste has to be segregated at source for treatment afterwards.Secondly, our organic waste composters treat all wet waste to compost and render it reusable for the society.Furthermore, all dry waste can be shredded by using our industrial shredders and further compacted to transport then to recycling plants.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to develop cost affective and sustainable solutions in the field of waste management. We are dedicated towards developing products of excellent quality with continuous improvements and thereafter provide high level of customer service and competitive warranty support.


We have a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals. Our team has achieved great expertise in completing projects of any dimensions.
Also, our in-house design team works continuously towards improvement and new development of all products based on feedback from all our customers.


Our facility spread over an area of 10,000 sq.ft in Greater Noida. It is fully equipped with state of art welding equipment, testing equipment, in-house design, quality and electrical engineers.

List of Plant and Machinery

1. CNC Laser Cutting Machine.
2. CNC Hydraulic Brake Press.
3. Hydraulic Bending Machine.
4. Sheet Rolling Machine.
5. Lathe Machine.
6. TIG Welding Machine.
7. MIG Welding Machine.
8. ARC Welding Machine.
9. Drill machines etc.