Garbage Chute

Metalkraft offers high quality and technologically advanced centralised garbage collection system for high-rise buildings with various additional features enlisted below.

Advantages Of Garbage Chutes:

  • Garbage Collection at a single point in a building.
  • Segregation of garbage is possible at the time of collection at source.
  • Low cost and effective method of garbage collection. Saves manpower.
  • Ensures Safety and security in garbage collection.

Standard Garbage Chutes:

In a Standard Garbage Chutes, the garbage is collected from all floors of the building and collected at a single point in the bottom. No segregation is done and no interlocking features are provided. Doors are manually opened and spring closing.
All fire protection features like discharge-end fire cut off doors, fire sprinklers in each floor are provided. Cleaning systems like brush cleaning system, sanitation unit and exhaust unit are provided.

Interlocking Garbage Chutes:

In an Interlocking Garbage Chute System, the collection and disposal is similar to a standard garbage chute system and no- segregation of waste is possible. All fire, cleaning and additional feature are provided just like in standard garbage chute. Electrical interlocks in each floor is provided, where only 1 door can be opened at a time. Master control panel controls the complete system. Interlocks with cleaning operations can be provided, auto locking of doors in case of fire breakout. Trolley full alarm system is some of the additional features provided in interlocking garbage chute.

Segregated Garbage Chute:

In addition to all the features of an interlocking chute, a segregated chute has ability to correct dry and wet garbage separately. Every door is provided with controllers for selection of DRY and WET garbage and accordingly the garbage is diverted to the respective trolley with the adjustment of flap door in the bottom.


  • All doors are electronically locked at any given time.
  • User selects ‘DRY’ and ‘WET’ option on selection panel next to door.
  • Chute converts to respective DRY or WET mode by adjusting flap door.
  • Only the door which pushes the button can drop garbage which goes into the respective trolley.
  • Meanwhile, all the other doors are in ’BUSY’ mode.
  • The complete system is ‘RESET’ when first door is closed.


Manufactured from Stainless Steel of Grade SS 430/SS 304 of various thickness of 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm. Diameter can also vary from 400mm to 750mm as per requirement. G.I. can also be used to make chutes as a cheaper alternative.
Doors and Hoppers
Bottom hinged, self-closing, 90 minute fire rated doors with hoppers are available in various sizes as per requirement. Interlocking and Segregated chute doors have electric panels for operation and also interlock etc.


This unit consists of motor, solenoid valve, NRV and S.S. Tank for disinfectant storage. Its function is to mix proportionate amount of water and disinfectant liquid and spray inside the chute through the cleaning sprinklers.


Reduced diameter ventilation section at the rooftop level above the topmost intake level is provided consisting of an exhaust of high RPM. The exhaust is timer controlled by Control Panel.


Pendant type fire sprinklers are installed at alternate floor hoppers and break and sprinkle water in case of temperature rise above 68⁰ C.

In interlocking & segregated chutes fire alert and safety systems can be installed wherein, if temperature rises in garbage room. All doors are auto-shut and no-door can be opened until fire is controlled and system is RESET. Also fire alarm is synchronised with master Control Panel.


The automatic brush cleaning system consists of stiff nylon brushed which are specially designed to scrub the internal cylindrical surface of the chute using a geared motor system. This is synchronised with water sprinkling system and controlled by master Control Panel.


Sliding type fire shut-off doors are provided at the bottom of the chute. Fusible link defuses when fire breaks out in garbage room and door slides on rollers to cut out the chute from fire in garbage room.


Odour Control Unit installed in garbage room vaporises a neutraliser liquid at regular intervals to break down bad bacteria in the room and hence, reduce the smell inside the room.

Download Garbage Chute Brochure