Debris Chute

Construction sites generate huge quantity of debris in their functioning. Disposal of this debris is a huge task. It requires a lot of labour and resources. Removal of these debris can also be fatal as it may cause a lot of accident.

These accidents can cause severe amount of legal and financial problem to the construction companies. This loss is very large.

We construct debris chutes which can also solve most of the above problems and give added advantages for construction sites as given below.
  • Made of high grade plastic (FRP) or duly spray premiered and painted MS Sheet.
  • Reusable for next sites.
  • Easily installed and dismantled.
  • As per OSHAS and ISO 14000 norms.
  • Reduces dust and noise levels at site.
  • Heavily reduces manpower used for debris disposal.
  • Strongly grouted is building structures using fasteners.
  • Hoppers are provided in each opening.
  • Custom manufactured and installed as per customers’ requirement.
  • Chutes are very string and impact resistant.

Salient Features

M.S. Debris Chute are of very high strength and hence can sustain heavy impact. P.V.C or FRP make debris chutes cannot sustain high impact and hence break very easily. Whereas, M.S. Debris Chutes have higher durability than its PVC or FRP counterparts.